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Sarah Dorweiler.

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Alex Siale. Kelli Tungay. Austin Neill.

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Story time. The original Unsplash logo was a generic camera icon. It was generic on purpose. We wanted Unsplash to be all about beautiful images. A distraction-free zone where nothing got in the way of that. Not even a logo.

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Fast forward to today and we now see that same camera icon all over the Internet. A simple, unique symbol that represents Unsplash, the Unsplash community and everything around it. You can read more about our new identity on our blog at medium. As of today, Unsplash is known as Unsplash.

This was a really good idea for a laptop app, and I was very impressed with the idea when I first found it, but the app itself does not work very well.

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After a few days of using the app, I realized that I just liked looking at my own pictures better. So then I tried launhcing the app to close out of it properly, or at least turn off the program it is running.

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  • I am unable to simply open the app, and it is really annoying because I do not like having to look at pictures of horses on my laptop all day. One last note- when I tried o just change the wallpaper via system preferences, it worked for a few minutes, and then it changed back to the Unsplash pictures. Changed my review to 2 stars due to the preferences setting doesnt actually work on automatically changing the background after a week, like I have set it. Please fix this crap. I like it but I wish I could remove the menubar icon from view.

    I kinda just want to set it and forget it while not being shown in the menu bar to keep things clutter free. I would also like to designate a place to download images, instead of the downloads folder, and also set the app to automatically download images to the set designated directory as it automatically updates my wallpaper.


    If this happens, there should be a notification shown on the side bar confirming that the image has been downloaded. This is just in case that I forget to that this is happening in the background and wonder why my disk is filling up, given that the images are nearly 4K. A hard notification everytime it is downloaded would help, versus the check mark hiden in the menubar preference icon. Overall, I quite like this app.

    Download Wallpapers Hd for Mac - Best Software & Apps

    The pictures are gorgeous and it usually does what I need it to do. However, I have run into a bug that after a few days to a week, the app freezes. I have the picture set to change daily, so I can very quickly tell when it stops updating the photo, and just going in and trying to change it manually doesn't work.